Country Director

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Москва, Москва, России
ACR Globe
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Country Directors represent their company in a foreign country. They work within growing industries experiencing global expansion. They manage all operations in a particular region, including recruitment, budgets, planning, and submitting reports. They might also require specialized skill sets and industry-related knowledge.


·         Liaising with head office and writing up quarterly/annual reports.

·         Recruiting, vetting, and training all new staff.

·         Researching the country or region thoroughly and adapting strategies accordingly.

·         Monitoring Optimum performance at all levels and scheduling training as required.

·         Implementing an effective brand strategy and ensuring consistency.

·         Building professional relationships with staff and clients.

·         Maintaining a good image of the organization at all times.

·         Collaborate with senior management on strategic initiatives.

·         Manage marketing and sales strategies, increasing brand recognition and awareness.

·      Maintain relationships with customers, retailers, and suppliers.

·         Review and evaluate competitors.

·         Create and implement effective business plans.

·         Develop effective action plans and respond to emergencies in a timely and effective manner.

·         Develop opportunities for expansion of business.

·         Develop marketing plans.

·         Develop contingency plans for emergencies.

·  Formulate and implement strategies for preventing and managing crises.

·         Manage budgets.

·         Monitor progress of projects.



·         Bachelors degree in business administration, management or a related field (preferably a masters degree).

·         Postgraduate degree in sales, finance or similar is also acceptable.

·      A good knowledge base of the country/region, and a willingness to learn.

·         The ability to provide excellent customer service.

·         Good people-management skills.

·     Experience living abroad is advantageous.

·         Sensitivity to different cultural norms.

This job remuneration is based on commission.